Project Funding Through Sovereign Wealth & Worldwide Partners



We have secured funding for a diverse range of initiatives with a primary focus on innovative projects in:  Green Energy, Waste to Energy, Affordable Housing & Hotel Chain Refurbishment

Applications are welcome to secure funding for projects in each of these sectors.  

Funding is for projects with a minimum valuation of $50m 

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Welcome to Thomas Kelly Holdings

Project Funding Initiative

Through our Project Funding Partners, we are inviting visionary entrepreneurs, organisations and developers to present compelling proposals.  Our goal is to identify and partner with projects that exhibit strong potential for positive impact, financial viability and scalability.

If your project aligns with our focus areas and demonstrates an innovative approach to creating a sustainable future,
we encourage you to submit your funding application.  

Together, we can pave the way for transformative change and contribute to a greener, more prosperous world. 

All applications will be carefully reviewed, and successful candidates will be contacted for further discussions.

To register your interest in submitting a proposal, complete our short enquiry form. 

One of our expert team will contact you to discuss your project, along with the application process.   

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to receiving your proposal


How To Apply For Funding

What should be included in a funding application?

A summary of the project, and how much money you are applying for

An introduction to your group including your: Aims Key achievements to date Support from other bodies

A clear description of the project or activities you are planning

Why the project is important and how it will benefit its users


Contact us to find out more about our project funding.