What should be included in a funding application?

A summary of the project, and how much money you are applying for. An introduction to your group including your aims, key achievements to date, support from other bodies. A clear description of the project or activities you are planning. Why the project is important and how it will benefit its users.

  • What is the purpose of the project and how will it benefit the community or target audience?
  • What are the goals and objectives of the project? How will you measure success?
  • What is the timeline for the project? When will it start and end?
  • What is the total budget for the project? How much funding are you requesting?
  • Have you secured any other sources of funding? If so, how much and from whom?
  • Who will be responsible for managing the project and how will they ensure that it stays on track?
  • What are the qualifications and experience of the project team members?
  • What are the potential risks and challenges associated with the project? How will you mitigate them?
  • How will you engage with stakeholders and ensure that their needs are met throughout the project?
  • How will you communicate project progress and results to stakeholders and the wider community?

Information likely to be required by a Funding Partner

Company details 

  • Certified copies of passport and proof of address for each shareholder of the company.  
  • Copies of certified accounts for the company and 12-month bank statements.
  • Details of the company structure (including management structure and decision-making processes) with CV’s on each individual;  
  • Copies of all current and previous financial agreements for the company. This to include loans, credit and overdraft agreements for the project.
  • A full breakdown of the principals’ main and any associated business plus. 

Project Info

  • Full Project Plan (including contingency, details on all contractors / sub-contractors, architect drawings and exit strategy etc);
  • A Project Plan Pro Forma (projected cash flow and profit and loss account statement);  


  • An asset and Liability statement for the company. 
  • Details of the security on offer for the finance. 
  • A third-party valuation and feasibility study for the Project submitted by the company:
  • A report on title from the company Solicitors (this can be addressed to the lender later) 
  • Copies of all contracts with third parties concerning the company or the project. 
  • A schedule for current insurances obtained by the company. 
  • Details of all licence agreements.
  • A copy of any sales or marketing literature for the company or project.

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