Thomas Kelly Holdings exclusively engages in transactions with entities falling under the following categories:

a) Through a Financial Services Firm, Fund, or Institution authorised and regulated in the same jurisdiction as its incorporation.

b) Through a body corporate (company or trust) that assumes the role of a Limited Partner within the Partnership.

c) If, in our discretion (at our entire discretion), you can demonstrate that you are a High Net Worth Individual and/or an Experienced and Sophisticated investor possessing a comprehensive understanding of the financial sector. Additionally, you should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of financial instruments, including a familiarity with the terminology and risk profiles associated with Securities. Kindly select the option that most accurately aligns with your current status and intentions.

Please therefore click on ONE option that you feel best describes your current status and intentions.


As a High-Net-Worth investor, I am currently contemplating whether to engage in direct investment, opt for involvement as a Limited Partner, or establish my own company to become a Limited Partner.


I self-certify as a professional, sophisticated, and experienced investor, possessing ample expertise and knowledge within the financial sector to independently assess investment propositions and make informed decisions.


In my capacity as a Director of a Limited Company or the Trustee of a Trust, I am exploring the possibility of the entity I represent applying to become a Limited Partner or participating in a Joint Venture program with Thomas Kelly Holdings. I seek access to your website and documentation to thoroughly evaluate Thomas Kelly Holdings and its investment opportunities.